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Local businesses in Dufferin Country near Orangeville, Ontario

Businesses in the area, can request to add a business listing here for looking a one-time payment of $4. This includes an image/video, a links to social media handles and a brief description of your business. If your company has been listed here, as a courtesy, kindly link-back to us at DA-12.ca T-shirts.  Thank you.  Request a paid advertising spot. Stay safe out there!

DA-12 is not your regular t shirt store. Our customized t shirts get the word out on what you're about.

So what ever your story is - create your own movement & put it on a shirt. Our customers love the quality of our fade-resistant vinyl printed shirts. So whatever your order is, big or small we value all our customers to the tee. No pun intended. Be sure to check back often because our t-shirts are limited edition. So check us out to order your story, or create your own. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, so you never miss out on an extra chance to save even more. See you over there soon and stay safe!

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Orangeville Tailoring  www.orangevilletailoring.ca
Orangeville Furniture www.orangevillefurniture.ca
Aardvark Music & Culture www.aardvarkmusic.ca