About Us

DA-12 Corp. is on a mission to empower individuals to overcome all adversity and become their best. Our motivational streetwear brand can serve as a tool to remind you of how powerful you really are. When life gets challenging, it's normal not to have all the answers then and there. Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture. But when you take a positive approach, and view it as a lesson, your next step will begin to appear. By educating yourself about the problem, you will learn what you need to do next. When you take actionable steps, that is how you refine your journey. This is the winning spirit that creates story after story that changes lives.

Do you have a personal come up story you'd like to share with us? What did you learn from that experience and what keeps you going? We'd love to hear about it! If your story is chosen, it will be featured on our blog and we will send you a free motivational streetwear t shirt!

DA-12 Corp. is a growing force that helps others to express their own stories through our motivational street wear and publication. So when you shop with us not only are supporting someone's come up story, but you're helping to inspire others to do the same. Our digitally printed quality soft apparel, won't crack or fade and will stay looking fresh for years. Shop with confidence! We do good work!

Why choose us?

    1. Great 5 Star reviews!

    2. Our T Shirts are soft not boxy so they feel great! 

    3. Most of our designs are digitally printed so they last wash after wash

    4. We are stylish. Black on black with puff vinyl or black foil looks amazing!

    5. Convenient Pickup location in Orangeville, ON or Hamilton Ontario on Sunday's 

    6. We are flexible. Thinking about launching some merch for your side hustle? Consider us because we have NO Minimums. This way you can get started. Strike up the hype with a limited-edition design with a pre-order only offer.

    7. We are graphic designers and we have the expertise to create whatever you love

    8. We do B2B and individual projects - Visit Avidbranding.ca to book a quick  consultation to go over some samples. Feel the fabric. Feel the vibe;)

    9. Your business is important to us. Phone orders always welcome [519.938.8959]