About Us

At DA-12® we create custom apparel for companies from uniforms, employee events as well as individuals! Whether the project is large or small, we are here for you:). Most of our shirts are digitally printed so your new favourite shirt lasts wash after wash. We use puff vinyl(feels fuzzy) for our black on black designs. You'll love it!  We also provide a selection of our favourite quality, funny & motivational t shirts that may strike a chord with you.   What do you stand for? Is there a funny lesson that you've learned? Maybe a not so funny lesson? Is there something that you're passionate about? Using your creative mind, the possibilities are endless. Looking to personalize a shirt for a friend or family member? Just make a note in the checkout.  If you want to create something entirely different, our staff is here to bring your vision alive at an affordable cost. Send your inquiry through Avidbranding.ca for any custom requests for you or your company. Thank you for your business!

 At DA-12®, Journalism meets Apparel:) What's your story?

Why Choose Us?

#1 Great 5 Star reviews!

#2 Our T Shirts are soft not boxy so they feel great! 

#3 Most of our designs are digitally printed so they last wash after wash

#4 We are stylish. Black on black with puff vinyl or black foil looks amazing!

#5 Canadian dollar pricing so no need for a converter and we only ship within Canada. Convenient Pickup location in Orangeville, ON

#6 We are flexible. Thinking about launching some merch for your side hustle? Consider us because we have NO Minimums. This way you can get started. Strike up the hype with a limited-edition design with a pre-order only offer.

#7 We are graphic designers and we have the expertise to create whatever you love

#8 We do B2B and individual projects - Visit Avidbranding.ca to book a quick  consultation to go over some samples. Feel the fabric. Feel the vibe;)

Your business is important to us. Phone orders always welcome [519.938.8959]

We love selfies. Email or message us your selfie in your new custom shirt and we will be more than happy to share it with the world.