About Us

At DA-12® we create custom apparel for companies from uniforms to employee events! We also provide a large selection of quality, funny & punchy custom t shirts that put your story out there.   What do you stand for? Is there a funny lesson that you've learned? Maybe a not so funny lesson? Is there something that you're passionate about? No matter what it is, we need to be able to communicate our story.  For this reason, we provide ways that you can personalize your tshirt order for no additional cost. If you want to create something entirely different, our staff is here to bring your vision alive at an affordable cost. 

 At DA-12®, Journalism meets Apparel:) What's your story?

Why Choose Us?

It doesn't make a difference whether you order a custom t shirt or a t-shirt that is already made - When you're a first time customer - You get Free Shipping within Canada/US/UK.
Next, We care about bringing your vision alive. For this reason we give you the opportunity to customize any design on this website. If you want us to omit something, we will do it. If you want us to add something in, we'll do that too. Your business is very important to us:) 
Our t-shirts are made of 100% cotton so that they're easy on your skin and last a long time. To keep your t shirt colour vibrant, don't throw in that red sock, wash whites with whites and brights with other brights.
With great reviews in town and on Google you can be rest assured that you will love your new t-shirt. Our creative staff has what it takes to get you exactly want according to your budget.  
We love selfies. Email or message us your selfie in your new custom shirt and we will be more than happy to share it with the world.