About Us

DA-12 Corp. embraces the hashtags #adversitydenied and #journeyrefined as symbols of our commitment to rejecting adversity and highlighting the importance of an ever-evolving and refined journey. These hashtags embody our dedication to empowering individuals, fostering resilience, growth, and self-empowerment – core values that define our brand.

At DA-12 Corp., we are devoted to helping individuals overcome challenges and unlock their fullest potential. Our positivity-driven streetwear brand stands as a potent reminder of the inherent strength within each individual. While challenges are inevitable, they offer valuable opportunities for learning and making improved decisions in the future. Your intrinsic power is already within you; maintaining self-belief, perseverance, and staying vigilant against potential obstacles are pivotal. Embracing thoughtful and actionable steps refines your journey, guiding you toward the realization of your aspirations.

As you reflect on your unique journey, consider: What intentional steps can you take today to further empower yourself and refine your path toward success?

10 Huge reasons to choose us?

    1. Great 5 Star reviews!

    2. We are a real Local company in a real building and not just online. We offer free pickup! 

    3. Our T Shirts are soft not boxy so they feel great! 

    4. Most of our designs are digitally printed so they last wash after wash

    5. We are stylish. Black on black with puff vinyl or black foil looks amazing!

    6. Convenient Pickup location in Orangeville, ON or Hamilton Ontario on Sunday's 

    7. We are flexible. Thinking about launching some apparel for your side hustle? Consider us because we have NO Minimums. This way you can get started. Ask us about how you can order a free sample t shirt. Visit our corporate website at: www.avidbranding.ca

    8. We are graphic designers and we have the expertise to create whatever you love

    9. We do B2B and individual projects - Visit Avidbranding.ca to book a quick  consultation to go over some samples. Feel the fabric. Feel the vibe;)

    10. Your business is important to us. Phone orders always welcome [226.850.2590]