When Lover Boy becomes the change

A boy, around the age of 12, is wearing a red sweater that says "lover boy" and is in school. There's a girl he has a crush on, and he's always looking for ways to impress her. One day, he sees a group of boys teasing and bullying the girl. He immediately rushes over and stands up for her, telling the bullies to back off and stop being mean. The girl is grateful and impressed by the boy's bravery, and the bullies are surprised and intimidated by his sudden confidence.

The boy and the girl start talking, and she thanks him for standing up for her. He tells her that he couldn't stand by and watch someone be treated unfairly, especially someone as special as her. They both smile at each other, and the boy realizes that this is his chance to finally make a good impression on the girl he likes.

From that day on, the boy starts to change. He becomes more confident and self-assured, and he starts standing up for other people who are being treated unfairly. He becomes known as the "lover boy" with a heart of gold, and he and the girl he defended become good friends.

Have you ever stood up for a complete stranger before? What's your story? 

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