Sometimes Cute but a little bit psycho


A little girl, who is around 5 years old, is at the park with her family. She's wearing a shirt that says "cute but a little psycho." People are admiring her cuteness as she plays on the swings. Suddenly, she stops playing, looks around with an intense expression, and starts chasing after some birds while making "hissing" noises. Her family is trying to catch up to her, trying to calm her down and explain that she's just playing. But to everyone else at the park, it looks like she's really trying to catch the birds. People are giggling and pointing, not sure what to make of the situation. The little girl is completely oblivious to the attention she's attracting and is just having the time of her life. Does this sound like something your little one would do?

A middle-aged woman is shopping at a grocery store. She's wearing a shirt that says "cute but a little psycho." A man approaches her to ask for directions, but as soon as he does, she starts talking loudly and rapidly, giving him more information than he ever wanted. She's gesturing animatedly and the man is looking more and more bewildered by the second. Suddenly, she stops talking, looks around, and then says, "Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes!" with a big smile on her face. The man, still a little stunned, says "No problem," and quickly walks away.

Sometimes it's fun to get a little carried away. Feel free to share your own personal experience below. What's your story?

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