A moment of fame in Dublin Ireland

A teenager is visiting Dublin, Ireland with his family. They're walking around the city, taking in the sights and sounds, when the teenager sees a group of street performers dressed as leprechauns. He decides to join in on the fun and puts on a leprechaun hat that one of the performers hands him.

As he's walking around, he suddenly realizes that everyone is treating him differently. People are giving him extra attention, taking photos with him, and even offering him money. He's not quite sure what's going on, but he decides to play along and embrace his new-found fame.

He starts dancing around and doing a jig, much to the delight of the crowd. However, as he's performing, he suddenly trips and falls flat on his face. The crowd gasps in horror, but the teenager quickly pops back up, pretending like nothing happened. He starts dancing again, this time with even more energy and enthusiasm, and the crowd goes wild.

Have you ever did something on St. Patricks day that changed your life? What's your story?

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