222 Meaning in Money - Angel Numbers & Manifesting Money

There is something miraculous about Angel numbers and when it comes to manifesting money. What is that phenomenon that makes us look at the clock the moment it turns 2:22? Why not 2:21 or 2:23? There have been days where I have seen 2:22, then 4:44 and then 5:55. It is baffling at best. Do you believe in it? I do so let's get into it. What does 222 mean in money? 

222 means that big changes are about to happen with your money situation. But watch out! You have to stay on that frequency. Position yourself and be practical. Your time is coming very soon so pay close attention. Keep a cheerful attitude and focus on your cash flow. You are so ready!

Affirm the following:


Millions come to me frequently

Millions remain in my frequency

Millions are flowing to me endlessly

Ever ready to receive, than I'll ever be


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