3 Types of Zumbawear Clothes that Will Motivate You

We are huge fans of Zumbawear fashion clothing. Zumbawear stands for a passion for dance, Zumba love, and confidence and we love that.  Each collection is full of flavor and screams a message.  We are not biased here because there are styles that we like and there are ones we can constructively recommend some changes.  We'll talk more about that in another blog posting.  Also, in the fashion industry, you have to keep things fresh especially in the niche of sportswear. Zumbawear is fashion sportswear that is not only functional but it's really fun to wear, visually appealing and MADE to motivate you.   

Find a Zumba top style that suits the shape of your body and in return, two things will magically happen.

  1.  You will get an instant boost in self-confidence and that will make you dance harder and burn more calories in your next Zumba Fitness class.
  2. The message that is written on your top will motivate you to do exactly what it says.
Today we are going to review three types of Zumba Tops that will motivate you and the messages that they want to deliver.


1. The Motivational Tee

They're often embellished with positive life lessons to motivate Zumba Class lovers.  They also describe the personality traits of a true Zumbaholic. That's you!  For example, if you're caught practicing your cumbia  or salsa step in a grocery aisle and they ask you what the heck you're doing, all you have to say is "Read my shirt." That's the beauty of wearing these shirts in public.  These shirts speak for you and motivate you to be yourself. By the way, as you are telling them to read your shirt, we would recommend keeping the sarcastic tone at a minimum XD.

zumba t-shirt, tee, clothing, clothes, zumbawear, free spirited, blue, yellow, black

The Zumba T-Shirt has really evolved in these past years. The first message was to "Feel the Music." Remember your first time taking a Zumba Fitness class and hearing your instructor tell you not to worry about the steps and just to feel the music? This basically means just to close your eyes and move your feet and your arms while the music is playing. With time you will learn how to dance and take these steps to the dance floor at the next party :D

Other motivational messages include:

  • Never Stop Dancing
  • Get Funked Up
  • Funk Perfect
  • Unexpected, Unapologetic, free-spirited, fun
  • Zumba Love
  • Zumba Joy(in Korean)

... and more!.


Zumba Joy Tulip Top Tee

The Fit of Zumbawear: What to expect
We like the descriptive words that are commonly used to describe the fit of Zumbawear. If the Zumbawear was described as being loose then one might assume that they'd look like they're swimming in it. Although the word relaxed seems slightly vague, it won't be misconstrued for looking badly. Let's think of the words relaxed and easy. It makes you think of your hands being behind your head relaxing on the beach.  We can't come up with a better word so relaxed is a good description word.   For the other words commonly used to describe the fit of Zumba clothing, see the words below.


Fit Term Translator:
Relaxed Fit = Loose Fit
Easy Fit = Not as loose as relaxed fit but still loose
Slim Fit = Fits like a second skin

Body Type:

A Zumba Tee or T-Shirt can be cut in a way to look amazing on your body type. If you are looking for an instant finished look then you can take those edges to a sewing machine. If you don't have the time to create a clean finish, then we would recommend acquiring a different top entirely. 

The Zumba Tee is usually a standard Medium/Large in size unless otherwise specified. In general, they are loosely fit and have a straight cut hem. If we happen to get lucky in a released collection, Small/Medium may be an option. That would be a bit smaller than the medium/large but not by far.  Either way, do expect a loose and relaxed fit. 

Here is an example of a relaxed fit Zumba T-Shirt

get funked up, zumba t-shirt, tee, clothes, clothing

Check out this example of an Easy Fit T-Shirt. As you can see it is more figure flattering.

The Message: Zumba Love

Zumba love is a special kind of love. It's the kind of love that makes you friends with someone you just met.  It's the kind of love that turns a small conversation into a life long friendship.  Zumba Fitness is an emotional workout that creates meaningful friendships if you let it.

Take a closer look...

 zumba love tee, tshirt, let go indigo


zumba love t-shirt. tee, shocking pink, zumbawear

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2. The Tulip Top - Our Favorite!

The tulip top is our favorite Zumba top silhouette by far. We like it because it is the most figure flattering silhouette we've seen in Zumbawear clothing. Women of any shape or size can pull off his top with success.  Why is it called a tulip top you ask? Let us close our eyes and imagine this tee up-side-down. When you visualize a tulip flower, on this flower contains rounded petals.  When you apply this idea to a t-shirt, you can simulate the petal shape of a tulip by creating a extreme rounded hem in the front and in the back...kinda like two petals. Below are some flirty tulip tops.


zumba tulip top, t-shirt, tee, zumbawear

zumba tulip top, t-shirt, tee, zumbawear




The Message: Zumba Joy (in Korean)

There are a few reasons we love this shirt. The first reason we love this shirt is because there is Korean Calligraphy artistically crafted on it. Wear this shirt and you can pretty much call yourself multilingual XD.   Feel proud when you translate the Korean writing and tell someone what it means. That alone will put a smile on your face. Zumba Joy is a perfect message because the fact is that everyone feels waves of joy in a Zumba Fitness class. 


The Message: Funk Perfect

You have the special ability to feel the music. Feel the funk and feel the beat. When it comes to dancing, in that moment you are perfect.

Click Here for this one

3. The Crop Top

The crop top is also a flattering silhouette. Show a little tummy and your new belly button ring can also be appealing too. You have to have a certain level of confidence to wear a crop top you know. If you jump too high, make sure the girls got some good coverage or something that kinda rhymes with pimple is bound to make a debut.  In order to to prevent this and you can still enjoy this silhouette if you wear a compression tank top underneath similar in color or in black. So if the top accidentally flips over your face, you can still jump high and smile wide because it's all good ;) Crop tops are supposed to have a relaxed or easy fit. Remember that term we talked about already? Being relaxed is good. Put your hands behind your head, and take a little whine.  Take a look at some pics below for some Zumbawear crop top favorites. 

The Message: Never Stop Dancing

Never stop dancing means to do just that whenever and wherever you are...no matter what. So put your headphones on, choose a good tune, put your hands behind your head, close your eyes and take a little whine. Okay...maybe putting your hands behind your head is a little much XD. Bucket List?


zumba clothes zumbawear clothing crop top never stop dancing coral
zumba clothes zumbawear clothing crop top tank coral never stop dancing too

zumba clothes zumbawear clothing crop top tank black never stop dancing too


zumba clothes zumbawear clothing crop top white tank never stop dancing



Motivational fashion sportswear is an increasing trend right now.  What better way to keep things positive than wearing it right on your chest in your favorite Zumba Fitness Class. There are so many types of Zumbawear to choose from that we can pretty much guarantee you'll find the perfect shape, fit, and message to motivate you.

Thank you for reading. 

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