Zumba® Rockin' around the Christmas Tree - Gifts for Her, The Wife, The Girlfriend

For all you guys and gals out there who are looking for a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer gift for your wife or someone you know who just loves ditching you to take Zumba® Fitness Classes, then you are in the right place.  Zumbawear® is very high quality fitness gear which every woman and man who loves Zumba® would appreciate wearing. Zumba® Clothes are made to flatter the figure of any woman of any plus size which is what makes Zumba® clothing so popular.   What makes Zumbawear® so cool is that it's the same exact clothes the instructors wear on the Zumba® Wii and Zumba® DVD's. They look great in them and so will that someone.  The Zumba®  leggings are colorful, fashion forward, and are made to last long in color and in wear.  The Zumba® clothing bra's and graphical tulip tops and t shirts are sexy and are quality made.  You cannot get this kind of quality from China for cheaper...it's just not allowed. We sell only authentic Zumba® Clothing that comes straight from the source themselves.  Zumbawear will put her in the best mood and it's also fun to wear and give you instant confidence and make you feel sexy! 

Top Picks for the stocking:

  • Zumba® Bras - Sexy, firm hold, and quality stitch in unique patterns exclusive to Zumbawear clothing. Be sure to check the size chart to choose the right sizing
  • Zumba® leggings - Excellent quality compression fabric that smoothes everything and pulls everything in so that your legs look toned and sleek.
  • Zumba® T-shirts - If she's crafty, then she'll use our videos to cut one up and make it her own
  • Zumba® Cookbook - Does she LOVE cooking! Well this stocking stuffer is a MUST! This is not just a cookbook but it also contains tons of testimonials from women who have found success with Zumba® Fitness Classes from all over the world.
  • Zumba® Gym Bags - Is she a Zumba® Gym Rat? Give her gym bag a total upgrade and make it a Zumba® gym bag. Big enough to stuff a Towel, gym shoes, shampoo, conditioner and her favorite Zumbawear® outfit you got her.

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