Zumba®Instructor Network Cost (ZIN)- Part 3

Zumba® Instructor Network (ZIN) should be renamed to......drum roll please!
Zumba® Instructor Cost Savings and Morale Building Network!
Being a ZIN is a WIN!

Because that is just it!  Being a member of the network saves you money and builds Instructor Morale.  If you've taken other dance training and and joined their licencing networks, you will find that it is just a way to make them rich. I joined this other dance network and all you got was music and one DVD...that's it!  That network didn't provide the right tools so that anyone can pick up themselves and be and feel ready to teach in as  little as a few days. You know how much it was? $35 fricken dollas! It was worth like $5!! Ughhhh...

But when you're a ZIN it's a win win for you and for Zumba® Fitness. They give you so much stuff it's kinda hard to believe that they're actually making money because it's worth more! But Shhhhhh don't say that too loud ...or that might just backfiya!

So how much is it? Currently it is $35 USD per month. If you prepay 6 months or a year in advance you receive a further discount.

Remember back in the day when the ZIN Zumba® Instructor Network cost for Instructors was below $29 USD a month? Those days we had access to a slew of features such as:

  • Discount on training, products, and Zumba® Clothes and Zumbawear Clothing and this saves you more money over time!
  • Zumba® CD/DVD monthly choreography and music deliveries in the MAIL and this builds your confidence to start teaching right away and it saves you time!
  • Exemption from having to re-certify your Zumba® Fitness Training every year and that saves you money!

I know that downloading Zumba® music is the best environmental option but most people do prefer the hard copy we used to get in the mail. It was great of Zumba® Fitness to offer us the option to switch from getting music and choreography DVDs and CDs delivered to our homes to being able to download the content directly from their website. The only thing is that after you switch you can never go back. Years back if I had downloaded my ZIN content with all my Zumba® music and Zumba® Choreography I would most certainly have lost it all by now.  No computer can be reliable and the last thing I would want to do is put my self in a situation where that would happen to me. Even if I had a USB key and stored all my Zumba® music and choreography on it I am sure I'd end up losing it somehow. Can you tell I still am using the mail method? Tee Hee Hee.  I will hang on to that for dear life!

But here's the best news! The ZIN Zumba® Instructor Network is better than ever!!! You get so much perks with this program how could you not join!  The more training's you get, the more money you save over time! Currently I have 6 different Zumba® Training's so if I were to cancel my ZIN in exactly one year I'd have to pay almost $2000 to re-certify. Don't forget that all Zumba® Fitness pricing is in US dollars. The Canadian Dollar is so bad right now it's a real disadvantage for us Canucks. But you know what...I'll still keep on paying my ZIN just because of a plethora of reasons.

So now what do you get with being a ZIN?

  • A Website
  • Discounts on products and clothing
  • Choreography and Music
  • Pre-qualify to work at LA Fitness as a Zumba®  Instructor
  • Exemption from having to re certify
  • Discounts on upgrading your ZIN Membership
  • Access to Limited edition Zumbawear and products

If I've forgotten to add anything reply in a message. So there you have it! The ZIN Program is the best dance fitness membership program I have ever seen. I am a happy customer and I would recommend becoming a ZIN member to any instructor out there who loves teaching Zumba® Fitness classes. 

I almost forgot to mention that when you join there is no contract and that you can cancel anytime! 

So tell me...are you in or out?

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