3 Ways To Tell The Difference Between FAKE & Authentic Zumbawear Clothes


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Authentic Zumbawear ® clothing, created by Zumba® Fitness, has been in the industry since the year 2007. By the year 2012 the Zumba® clothing industry has exploded into a multi-million dollar bombshell. Zumbawear® has built a strong reputation for being inspirational, high quality, colorful, and unique in fitness fast fashion.  Zumbawear® designs are made for the passionate instructors who teach Zumba® Fitness classes and for their participants as well.  

They say everything is made in China but Zumbawear® is not one of them.  In general, when any product is popular there are greedy foreign companies that want to get a piece of the cake and make fake replicas.  Unfortunately fake replicas of Zumbawear® clothes have been and continue to be made in China and other parts of Asia.  If the Zumbawear® you've purchased is authentic, then it will state that it has been manufactured in South America such as Columbia and Peru. Why can't foreign countries just lie about the manufacturing location you ask? That is because it is a major criminal offence in the laws of trade to lie about the manufacturing location of a product.  This brings us to talk about warning number one:


  • Warning #1: The Zumbawear® that you purchased is totally FAKE if the tag states that it was manufactured in China or other countries in Asia. These designs likely carry the Zumba® logo on the clothing and also come with new Zumbawear® clothing tags attached.  All of these things can be copied with manufacturing machines.  So how can you tell the difference you ask? The difference will be in the quality of the stitch my friend.  For example, where there should be flat lock stitching there may not be. Where they should be using Nylon thread, a polyester thread is used instead. To the human eye these differences will seem minor. But when you change the threading and the type of stitch, one should not expect the material to last nearly as long. Where are these replicas sold? These replicas are very commonly sold on Ebay, Alibaba and other stores.  Rest assured that we at How to Zumba, only sell Authentic Zumbawear® clothing made in South America, not China.

Let's get into our second sign that the Zumbawear® clothes you possibly own could be fake. One fact about Zumbawear® is that it is all about Fast Fashion. Unique designs are created and once they are gone, they're gone.  Even if the design was popular, and the people requested that they be brought back to be sold again, it wouldn't happen.

  • Warning #2: The Zumbawear® clothes you've purchased are totally FAKE if the design was launched a few years ago.   If the company claims to have many in stock, chances are it is not authentic. Not being authentic means the quality of the clothing will suffer.   They will be advertised as "Rare" designs, because the clothing line was released over a year ago.  We are not saying that all clothing sold on those websites are totally fake, but the chance is extremely high if it is an old design that was released a year or more ago suddenly becomes available for purchase. The cargo capri pants below are totally fake because this design came out more than four years ago. Zumba® Fitness no longer manufactures designs even similar to this one. Zumbawear® is all about fast fashion. What does that mean? It means once they're all sold, they're gone for good.

  • Warning #3:  The Zumbawear® clothing is totally FAKE IF the Zumba® logo is missing or it comes in a different color than the original design. If that is the case, don't expect the quality of the stitch to be up to standard that Zumba® Fitness would want it to be.

Foreign Companies will always try to replicate many products including Zumbawear® clothes to try to make a buck. You as the consumer have to be on your toes so you don't become a victim of the scam. Keep those three warning signs in mind and you'll be able to steer clear of the scam and feel rest assured that your investment in Zumbawear® fitness clothes didn't go to waste. Zumba Fitness is in the fast fashion biz so they're constantly releasing new and fresh designs. They are the forerunners in the athletic fashion apparel business because they stay unique and keep it colorful too.

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    • But why there were selling zumbawear made in china and claim the product that is original and they are reseller zumbawear who is recommended in indonesia

      • Silvana
    • ya this is true they started doing this more recently. The Zumba Diva jacket was manufactured in Vietnam…very good quality stitching, cut, design, and material. Managed to get my hands on one before they sold out worldwide

      • F A R I D A
    • Hi Farida!

      Thanks for this article. People need to know what is fake and what is not. Good job on this! I would just like to let you know what I’ve received authentic zumba wear (came a the way from USA) but made in Vietnam (I know this because I’m an authorized reseller).

      • NAtalia