Top Zumba Song Hits March 2017


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 Listen to the playlist above to check out the new top Zumba song list for March 2017!

  • Hula Hoop Official Lyric Video - Daddy Yankee
  • Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee - Reggueton
  • El Amante - Nicky Jam - Reggueton
  • Sayonara - Johnathan Mola ft. Jerry Rivera - Salsa
  • Like So - Angela Hunte & Machel Montano ft. Gregor Salto & DJ Buddha - Soca
  • Dale Pa'lante by DJ Polique ft Pachanga - Moombahton
  • La Cosita - By Zumba - Merengue
  • Emergency - by Daddy Yankee ft. Vinz - Urban Pop
  • La Potra by El Chevo - Reggueton - Dembow
  • Romeo Santos - Héroe Favorito - Bachata
  • Rihanna - Love On The Brain - Cooldown Stretch


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