Stay Golden in your Zumbawear®

I just love the designs coming out with Zumbawear® lately with the gold accents! Lettering and design lines are lit up in gold and it looks so flattering on everyone. Their new upcoming line is going to have more gold in it! Yaye!  I also wish they had more recent and upcoming sayings on their clothing such as "born to slay", "slay all day", or "LIT!".   Zumba® Fitness classes are so hot right now compared to a decade ago.  They're really getting noticed by artists such as Daddy Yankee, Meghan Trainor, Jenn Morel and Gina's man Dario Wonder. Don't they look so cute together with their new "mini-me" son? He's around the same age as my little boy too. You can follow them on Instagram and stay up to date with all their adorable videos and photos of their new little one. 

Zumbawear® is the type of clothing you get into to show your confidence and that you feel fantastic!  If you're currently on your weight loss journey, getting into this clothing is a great way to keep you motivated too!   

The only little tiff I have is with Zumbawear® supply and demand. As soon as certain designs were released they were out of stock!  Remember those "well red" leggings with the black ripped fishnet overlay with the black lace-up on the side? SOLD OUT! What about that black sexy cropped bodysuit with the mesh back and zip-up front, accented with the word "Zumba" in silver on the leg? SOLD OUT! What did the heck happen with the holographic ankle leggings with the words "Lost in the music" with lime piping on the leg? SOLD OUT TOO! Forget about the term you snooze you lose. I most definitely wasn't snoozing because I was up all night long obsessing about that Zumbawear® lol! Anyways, I don't know what happened but they were out of stock in a flash. I would have loved to post one on here for you but all I got are some pics.



Awwwweee...don't you just love em'? Next time... *long sigh*

Keep Slayin'!

Ciao Bella's!


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