You must see the easiest Bachata Zumba® Step Video Ever!

Bachata is an important step to learn when taking a Zumba® Fitness
Classes. It's normally done in the cool down phase of the Zumba® workout class or to lower the workout intensity during a song or mid way during a class.  This step can be used traditionally or be creatively combined with Zumba® toning exercises as well.  As a Zumba® Toning instructor, I just love combining bachata steps with vertical abdominal crunch variations and side oblique crunches and incorporate your arms for an increased caloric burn & fun too.

You will commonly find this rhythem on a Zumba® fitness dvd or Zumba® wii in the cool down segment. Zumba® fitness classes are known for making you feel sexier and more confident which makes it even easier for one to tone up and feel better.

And to all the boyfriends and husbands of all the Zumba® fanatics out there who either teach Zumba® fitness classes or love taking them....PLEASE LEARN THIS STEP! LOL

And when you become a Zumba® Fitness expert you'll look like the couple or persons dancing in the above video ;)

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