8 Ways to Burn More Calories in Zumba® Fitness Classes

If you're not sweating in your Zumba® Fitness Class then there are a few things I may suggest to make that happen for you.  It's also important that you like the Zumba® Music in your class so that you feel motivated to move and workout harder. If you're feelin' more like a limp noodle when you exercise or looking like one for that matter, then sweat is probably not going to reach the surface of your skin. Listed below are 8 things that you can do to change that.
  1. Change your foot placement from toe-heel to heel-toe : What is your foot placement like when you dance? Are you a toe-heel or a heel-toe kinda person?  If you are a heel toe kinda person you will probably have more tone in your legs. Well that is the key to getting more tone in your legs is modifying your foot placement from toe-heel to heel toe.  See the video below for an example of what that looks like when you dance.
  2. When you step out to the front or the side, have a moderate bend in your knee joint as to create mini squat repetitions throughout the Zumba® Fitness Class.
  3. Roll your shoulders back and down to be mindful of your posture as you exercise. If you're hunched over then you might end up with aches and pains in your upper back so next time try it this way.  Stand up straight first, and roll your shoulders back and down and don't forget to smile.
  4. Contract your abdominal core muscles as often as you can remember and don't forget to breathe.  Breathing out during exercise releases the lactic acid buildup in your muscles so you can last longer and exercise longer.
  5. Contract your arm muscles during arm movements. During a Merengue song, Reggueton song and many Zumba® fitness rhythms require you to do something constructive with your arms. Avoid having them hang limp to burn more calories.
  6. Have a hop in your step as you exercise. Try doing a merengue step without a hop in your step and with to notice the difference.
  7. Lift your knees higher when it comes time to engage that kind of movement.  Don't be lazy, lift those knees up up up! Drill seargent style!
  8. Have one leg on the ground and the other elevated whenever. You may find this possible during a high impact move during a Merengue Zumba® fitness song.

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