Zumbawear® fashion is so hot these days. The design, the cut, and the uniqueness of each piece is truly fun to wear and makes you feel amazing. Years ago Zumbawear® was very plain, pastel, and very simple. It was cotton with a few splashes of color here and there. The craze back then was over those quick dry cargo pants with the streamers hanging from them. They were fun to wear too but these days it's all about the leggings.

Some fun details with Zumbawear® may include:

  • Sportswear shoes for days and many designs to choose from. Currently, we don't offer Zumba shoes on our website yet. When we do it will be the kinds that I have tried and own. Check out the shoes that the models are wearing below to get an idea.
  • Metallic foil lettering

  • The word Zumba® being replaced with Zumba® logo which gives it a more street fashion feel

  • Using different types of fabrics in the same top, bra or leggings

  • Manufactured Pre-cut designs

  • Other non-traditional hemlines which make the designs unique to fitness wear you will find out there on the market. Btw that flannel is sold out worldwide as well, unfortunately - the material on that particular flannel is so prime with stretch and not stiff either.

  • Fitness wear and streetwear in one makes the design even more appealing and sexy

  • Using messages to boost your confidence and believe in yourself even more

  • Iridescent, ombre, holographic, metallic fabrics

  • More bodysuits with open or low back

Just when you see another jacket that you're dying to get your hands on.  This unique design is sold out but we still have a couple left:)

Click the photo to go to the page...

Wow, the crowd in the Believe In Magic Bomber Jacket! With an all-over iridescent fabric and rainbow ribbing throughout, you'll look like the star of the dance floor.

Believe me, this jacket looks even more amazing when you have it right in front of you.

Keep up the good work Zumba®!

Can't wait to see what you're going to come up with next!









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