The Smallest Bluetooth Speaker - Barricade Mini - My Experience

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I forgot to check my email and didn't realize that my package had been delivered for my barricade mini.  A week prior to this delivery my speakers had been stolen and I used them to teach my Aqua Zumba® Class.  I have been teaching Aqua Zumba® Fitness classes for over 5 years and Zumba® music is essential to making the class an ongoing success.  So I taught my class without them for two weeks so you could imagine I was itching to get my new Barricade Mini in the mail.

It was our first real snow night in December a couple of days ago so I quickly grabbed the cardboard box sitting near my mailbox and went inside the house.  There was even a clear note on the box saying "Do not safe drop" but Mr. Postman didn't my advantage.  It was after midnight.  I opened the box and it was perfect as described in appearance...grey on the outside and neon yellow on the speaker area where the sound is supposed to come out.  Then I said to myself that I wanna play this NOW! You could hear a pin drop in the house so I came up with the idea to go the the park across the street and play it there.  I quickly got dressed in my Parka, snow boots, hat and gloves and grabbed by Ipad and my new barricade mini and skipped like a giddy little child to the park across the street in the snow. I paired the device with my ipad and pressed play on my favorite song Shaky Shaky by Daddy Yankee. The park was turned up! Just me, my barricade mini and my favorite song.  I danced and I didn't care if I looked crazy and would end up on youtube. It was a memorable moment between me and my beloved barricade mini - Peace out and keep dancin' - True Story

Can't wait to use it for Aqua Zumba® Class December 17th!

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What is an Aqua Zumba® Class?

Aqua Zumba® Classes is a Zumba® music inspired workout where you do various choreographed moves only geared to use in the water.  It also combines some water exercise moves from an Aqua fit class so that it is very effective and safe on the joints in your body. To name a few exercises, they include:

  • Jacks with abdominal tucks while arms are in the water
  • Cross country Ski movements 
  • Front and Side Jump Kicks
  • Twists from side to side
  • High Knee Jog 
  • Mogul Jumps from side to side or front to back

Give a Aqua Zumba® Classes a try at your nearest fitness facility or try them yourself in your public pool. 

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