Zumba®Classes - Are you dancing HARD enough?

I love Zumba® Fitness instructors who know how to dance hard. Do you know what I mean by dancing hard in Zumba® classes? Have you ever been to a Zumba® class where it seems like the instructor is walking on eggshells as they dance? When they move their arms their arms look more lucid instead of muscle engaged. You know what I mean right? If not, I have a few videos below so help you understand what I mean.

What's the benefit of dancing hard in Zumba® classes?
You burn more calories, you increase your heart rate capacity and get more Zumba® fitness results. Taking Zumba® fitness classes are effective only when you dance hard enough to burn the calories you need to get the results you are looking for.
How do you dance hard?
  1. Choreography - Try to memorize the instructors Zumba® choreography so that you spend more energy dancing hard instead of focusing on the footwork. Practice the steps at home if you have to to help you memorize the steps faster. Go through the videos on this website so you get the Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Bachata basics down pat.
  2. Find your dance style by practicing those Zumba® Steps more and more at home. When you find your Zumba® dance style then you will be able to release something known as the "Beto Factor". The Beto Factor is infused when you do a high energy version of the exact same move. See a video on our website what we mean by "
    The Beto Factor".

Here is an example of dancing Soft in a Zumba® class but still having fun

 Here is an example of dancing HARD and killin' those calories for the same song:

 Keep on dancin' and HARD!

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