12 Major Signs that you ARE a Zumbaholic


If you agree with at least 5 points on this page then you are DEFINITELY a Zumbaholic. If you agree with more than 9 points on this page, you're super passionate about Zumba 
Classes and you should become a Zumba Fitness Instructor. Spread that Zumba Love! 

You ARE a Zumbaholic if:

  1. You find your self-trying to convince your friends and family to come to Zumba class with you. As far as your kids go...they have no choice. 
  2. You have a secret crush on your Zumba fitness instructor and that motivates you too. To show your passion, you dance really hard and maintain eye contact at all times.
  3. You find yourself being a bit too pushy in attempting to teach your partner how to do the Bachata step and you irritate him/her. After that, you shimmy walk away like nothing happened.
  4. You become more interested in going to Spanish nightclubs and try all of them so you can pick your favorite. After that, you force your partner to come with you.
  5. You often dance, sing and drive simultaneously. This often happens while others are watching but you don't care.
  6. You often take more than one Zumba class in one day.
  7. You've lost weight and feel better!
  8. Your confidence goes up so you try new things with your hair and makeup and begin to wear sleeveless tops to Zumba Class. 
  9. You have more than one gym membership so that you can take more Zumba classes to find more favorite Zumba instructors
  10. You begin to wear more stylish and colorful clothing to the gym and you start to build your Zumbawear collection 
  11. The only cardio you want to do is Zumba to get your Spanish music fix.
  12. You've become a Zumba Fitness Instructor! Even better if you have Tanya Beardsley's autograph and photo taken with her. Whether you lost that photo, it still counts because that memory is still in your heart.


Most people just love the feeling they get when they feel passionate about something. We know that just thinking about going to your next favorite Zumba Fitness class puts a smile on your face. If you found this blog posting, it's likely because you are thinking about Zumba at this very moment, and that my friend makes you a full blown Zumbaholic. Hey, you're not hurting anyone! You may have become more annoying than usual but it's all in the name of good old-fashioned fun. Just don't troll your Zumba Instructor and follow them home. Okay?............................................. ******crickets chirping*********


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  • LOL! My friends have been telling me that I must be obsessed with Zumba Classes. That explains it:)

    • Evelyn