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The Top 3 Masks that aren't as safe as you think

Thanks to science we are now learning what not to wear on our faces.
We are almost in the post pandemic phase and we have the go ahead to get back outside and back to work. We are now encouraged to socialize but at a distance.  We hope that six feet apart is enough to avoid flying sneeze droplets. Well guess what? Our scientists have now revealed new information about a mask on the market. It is shocking to find out that this mask actually spreads droplets! It doesn't matter if you're breathing with it on or letting out a head-turning cough in public.
Behold the NECK GAITER!
Neck gaiters are now the #1 mask that does not protect the wearer or the people around the wearer. Why? The reason is because when the person speaks, the droplets proliferate.  Yikes! Proliferate means to spread and reproduce! But on the other side, I am sad about the news. The weather is getting colder and neck gaiters would have been the best 2 in 1 solution keeping you warm and safe. So moving forward, it is time to shop for a new mask and store those neck gaiters for the colder seasons. 
The second most unsafe mask to wear is the Bandana. If you wear it like a sexy bandit, then it's not going to work. The reason is a bandana does not meet the construction requirements to be a mask. There are wider openings all around and that doesn't keep droplets in our out.  The threads are tightly constructed which makes them not very breathable. This is also a reason why you may sweat more by wearing one. More moisture, more droplets.
The third and foremost unsafe mask to wear is the N95 mask. It protects the wearer but it doesn't not protect the people around the wearer. When you speak while wearing it the air is not filtered. It only gets filtered when you breath in. In order for this to work, every human being in contact would need to wear an N95 mask at all times. We know that will never happen. Remember in June 2020 when no one could get their hands on one? If you managed to find one, the price was as though it was diamonds and gold.
This is a great news for most of us who are not into Neck Gaiters and haven't been able to get our hands onto an N95 mask at all. Our cloth, handmade, fabric masks, provide the protection to reduce the spread. Most people are able to afford fabric masks. That is a relief isn't it? In this post-pandemic time that makes things easier on a financial spectrum. They wick sweat and they're breathable too. Most of all, droplets to not proliferate when we have to speak while wearing them. 
Let us all exhale a sigh of relief in a new fabric mask shall we?
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