What is Insulin Resistance? The Key to Fat Loss

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What is insulin resistance?

When you have a lot of sustained insulin in your body over a long period of time, your cells gradually become resistant to insulin.  This is caused by having ongoing above normal blood sugar levels in your body.  This is what causes Insulin Resistance.  In order to fix insulin resistance in your body, you have to lower the levels of insulin in your body over a period of time to heighten the insulin sensitivity levels so that your cells can begin absorbing nutrients more efficiently.

Insulin Resistance is the key to weight loss. When you fix insulin resistance in your body you begin to avoid weight gain or you can use it as a tool to lose weight.

What is normal blood sugar?

80-100 milliliters/decilitre 

Normal blood sugar means having about 1 teaspoon of sugar in all of your blood. You have about 1 and a third gallon of blood in all of your body.

The average person consumes 31 teaspoons of sugar per day! So your body pumps out insane amounts of insulin to deal with all of that toxic sugar in your bloodstream to protect your cells. Any excess insulin is turned into fat and dumped into the liver and the belly.

What happens when you eat something?

  1. When you eat something the glucose from the food enters your blood.
  2. Your body now needs to transform the glucose so that your cells can use it for energy. Let us assume that your body is getting its energy from carbohydrates in this case.
  3. Insulin is then pumped out from the pancreas when glucose enters the bloodstream
  4. Think of Insulin as a Key that the glucose needs to enter the cells in your body, so that the cells can use the glucose for energy.
  5. Now think of each cell as having a KEYHOLE. Once the insulin, which is the KEY reaches the cell, the KEYHOLE becomes jammed. Because it's jammed, this prevents the glucose from entering the cell so that you can use that glucose for energy.
  6. Because the KEYHOLE is jammed, your cell sends a signal to your pancreas to SEND ANOTHER KEY (Insulin).
  7. So before you know it you got all this insulin in your body which doesn't get used, and those unused portions are turned into FAT!
  8. Then that FAT is DUMPED over into the liver and the BODY, specifically the BELLY area.  That FAT storage around the liver spills over into the BELLY area which is what creates a FAT infused looking belly area.  
  9. So why is it that when people adopt a low-carb or keto lifestyle they lose FAT specifically around the belly area? It's because they trained their body to become more sensitive to insulin so that their body starts using it more efficiently instead of turning unused portions into fat and dumping it on the liver and belly area.

My cravings are so strong for sweet and salty treats even though I'm eating "healthier"! What's causing it?

-When the blood sugar levels experience a dip below your regular norm, that is when you experience a craving. When you eat something sweet, your blood sugar levels shoot right up and once you experience that sudden dip again, then comes along another huge craving for more of either something sweet or salty. Now when you cut out eating sugary and starchy foods, your blood sugar still experiences the highs and lows but it is subtle enough so that when you come back down the dip isn't so drastic that it sends you into a craving frenzy.

So let's say one night you decide to eat some brown lentils and rice with your meal.  Even though it is a little bit, this will cause your blood sugar to shoot right up! What are other examples of small indulgences?

  • A small sliver of cake
  • A cookie
  • Rice
  • A wheat tortilla
  • A Bun, or piece of a baguette and butter
  • Chips
  • High sugar chocolate

After about 30 minutes to an hour later after consuming these types of items, your blood sugar experiences a drastic dip. This is the part where you have to engage your willpower. But if you're a sugar addict, you might become weak and you might crave more. Remember that sugar addiction is similar to that of an addiction to cocaine. Just one hit and you experience bliss. Once it wears off you're a little hangry unless you get more.

Moving forward, you should gradually start reducing your consumption of carbohydrates. Download My FitnessPal to start at a level of 75 carbs per day then gradually get down to 20-30 carbs per day. You will have to modify your macros.  For fats, you want to try to stay between 70% to 80% fat per day. Try to wean your protein down to 15% and your carbs 5% per day.

I wish you luck to us all on the journey to better health, more energy and happiness!


P.S. Consumption of alcohol will convert to glucose and then fat and will bump you out of any fat burning potential for a minimum of 48 hours. So try to cut drinking down to once every 3-4 weeks for gradual weightloss.

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