Weekly Cheat Day Myth

Hey! I'm going to keep this pretty brief because there isn't much to it besides the fact that weight loss will not happen with a weekly cheat day.


If you're calorie counting then you will likely eat off your deficit calorie amount in one day since high sugar foods contain tons of calories. Especially those white chocolate macadamia nut homemade COOOOKIEEEEEZZZ! Oh sorry about that! I don't know what just came over me! Let's not talk about that anymore so back to business.

So when can you cheat?

In my personal experience, you can cheat once every 3-4 weeks and still achieve gradual weight loss. However, if you are maintaining your weight, create a deficit calorie amount from Monday to Friday and then eat your deficit in cheat foods on  Friday night to Sunday night;) Parrrrttaaaayyyyyy!  That's what I did and it worked for me and I was able to maintain my weight.

Well...that's all folks!

Kill 'da game!


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