Ways to Stay Motivated on a Low Carb Keto Diet

I'd like to point out that the information that I'm providing you here is based on my own personal experience. We are in the same boat so let me tell you what has been working for me.

Tools that you need to have on hand to increase your weight loss success:

  1. Get the Myfitnesspal App - I have had this app on my phone for quite some time now. The last time I began using it was after the birth of my son when I was 202 lbs. Before his birth I was 148lbs. So now that I have started using it again it is a lot better than I remember. Now you can scan your food once and it remembers it forever as long as you don't delete the app from your phone and re-install it like I did lol. I had to learn the hard way. Luckily I was just starting to use the app at the time and I didn't have many scanned items in there yet. They also have a fantastic feature that tells you how much you will weigh in 5 weeks if you continued to eat that way. So if you entered that you will eat only air, dust and artificially flavored water on a daily basis you'll be floored by the results! I also like that it allows you to take a current photo of yourself when you check in your new weight. This way you can look back and choose the perfect before photo when you've reached your weightloss goal. Remember to dress in the worst clothing you got, with no makeup and be sure to have a real bed head lol.
  2. Choose a protein isolate and consume one scoop 2x per day.  This helps you get your protein in without consuming all the calories from fat and carbs. Knowing that will motivate you.   It will help you control sugar cravings too. Use a blender and combine with it with ice and water to keep the calories low, or if you must you can add unsweetened almond milk. If you're trying to wean yourself off of sugar then add one packet of Splenda or stevia. Have a shake before you begin to eat anything and one at night before your last meal. 
  3. Keto sticks - You can get them from the drug store and test your body to see if you are experiencing Ketosis or not. Test it every morning and midday to make sure that you are still in the zone. This will motivate you because it verifies that your body is using fat for fuel and that fat loss is inevitable. 
  4. Fat loss monitor - I got mine from Shoppers Drug Mart and it cost me $60.
  5. A tape measure - Measure the following areas of your body: the small of your waist, the largest part on your waist, around your biceps, the widest part on your ribcage, around your hips and include your butt, and around your hips just under your butt. Don't bother measuring each leg because it hasn't been accurate at least in my experience.
  6. And a base diet plan that is 1200 calories per day. If you BMR is 1500 Then you can expect to lose at least 2lbs per week on a lower carb plan. Make sure that you are doing toning and muscular conditioning exercises to avoid loose skin and keep a tight look as you shrink. Condition all the muscles in the body and do tons of squats, lunches and elbow planks and side planks.
  7. No alcoholic drinks during your weight loss journey - Why? Your body cannot digest alcohol and it puts all of your fat loss efforts on hold. It takes your body 36-72 hours to recuperate from this. So why shoot yourself in the foot? If you must drink, then once a month only. In another post, I'll go into why having a weekly cheat day will not get you to your weight loss goal. I'm thinking the only way that this would be possible is if you did a 24 hour fast at least 3x a week to detox and improve your weekly caloric deficit. Will I do that? No because I love food.

In another post, I'll go into a basic 1200 calorie diet plan that you can try that is flavorful, low carb and doable.

Anyways, gotta go exercise now:) Looking forward to hearing about the new you!

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