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The Physiological Dangers of Long-Term Mask Wearing

Good Morning and welcome to the new normal. The new normal is where you need to avoid all things that involve excessive exhaling. Right about now, you've had your freshly brewed coffee or several. You're feeling all refreshed and you make sure you have a mask on standby and get into your vehicle.
I remember the good old days where all you had to remember was your drivers licence and registration. Anyways, so you sit down in your vehicle and buckle up for safety. Is now the right time to wear a mask? Whether your answer is yes or no, you may have considered the following question.
What will happen to us if mask wearing becomes the new normal until the end of time? Will there be any repercussions to us as humans? Will the human body undergo physiological changes as a result? These are scary questions but we need to ask them. Here is a vision to ponder…
Could this be an inevitable possiblity?
If we use our best hypothesis, then its not so ridiculous to ask. A normal blood oxygen level varies between 75-100 mm Hg and below 60 mm Hg is not good. The best thing right now about mask wearing is that it keeps us safe by reducing the spread of COVID-19. But our bodies need a flow of oxygen to stay healthier. Better breathing keeps our heart muscle strong to be able to pump more oxygen into the blood for energy.

So it is safe to say that excessive mask wearing will restrict your oxygen intake.

If you’re feeling a shortness of breath, or light headedness or even irritable that could be the reason why. I know this is the new normal, but our cells need a reliable flow of oxygen to feel normal, energized and healthy.

As we age we need a good flow of oxygen to fight sleep apnea and for cell rejouvenation. Pregnant women need a good flow of oxygen to the placenta and the fetus to fight detachment. Children need a reliable source of oxygen to grow strong organs. Athletes need a good flow of oxygen to fight fatigue while exercising.
I am not in any way trying to start an anti-mask movement. We need to continue to wear them around others in addition to social distancing to stop the spread. When you order a prescription it is only for a prescribed period of time. If you wish to use it longer then you consult a physician. It’s the same idea when it comes to mask wearing. When you’re alone, you don’t need to wear a mask unless you’re taking a cute selfie. You could be walking alone, in your car, or riding your bike. I find that we have become so accustomed to the new normal that we often forget we have one on.

Let us not overextend our caution and deprive our bodies of the very thing it needs to sustain itself. If we begin to turn back the hands of time, there is no telling what science will reveal next. It could be something we’ve already experienced.

In the meanwhile, mask up y’awl!

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