Low-Carb Keto Diet: How Many Cheat Days Can I Have?

Before I start talking about cheat days I am going to assume that you are Intermittent Fasting during your weight loss or cut regimen. This means you are eating with an 8-hour window and fasting for a 16-hour window. Feel free to read up on my post on Intermittent Fasting so that you can understand what I am talking about. Trust me, it is worth the read and using that free tool will increase your chances of success in achieving your new body.

When you're a sugar addict like me you wish that you can dedicate more than half the week to cheat days and still lose weight. Unfortunately, in a perfect world, it will never be like that unless cheat foods in the future were made of air, dust and artificially flavored water. 

So now that you've started your low-carb Keto Diet, you're probably wondering how many cheat days you can have. Well, the information I am about to give you is based on my own past experience.

Let me say right off the bat that you cannot, I repeat, cannot have a cheat day every single week IF you want to lose weight. You can actually go as far as having a cheat weekend and still maintain your weight. So feel at liberty to eat your ass off from Friday night to Sunday evening, and go back to the Keto Low-carb eating lifestyle from Monday to Friday. I've done this before and I was able to maintain. Just don't overdo it...so I take back the eating your ass off part. After your cheat day, I would recommend you do a 24 hr fast. Consider it to be like a detox. I'll do a post on 24-hour fasting on another day soon.

So how often can you have a cheat day? 

My recommendation is that if you are starting out, go at least 3 weeks straight before you have a cheat day. After you've completed your cheat day, go another three weeks before you have another. That way you can go crazy once in a while and still get weight loss results.  

You're taking a big risk by having a cheat day if you do it too soon and the reason is that it could lead you to go into a full-on binge-fest. A sugar-addiction is said to be just like being addicted to Heroine. All you need is one hit and say goodbye to control. It's like that Lay's commercial. Bet you can't eat just one! So do yourself a favor if you are serious about getting results and wait until at least 3 weeks before your first cheat day. If you are extra serious, then wait even longer.

Another important tip: Alcohol! When you drink alcohol, your body cannot metabolize it and it will take 36 to 72 hours to get it out of your system. During this process, weight loss will not happen. So why shoot yourself in the foot? Try to avoid alcohol as much as possible, and if you will, then wait a month before you indulge and drink your face off lol.  Another tip about consuming alcohol is that it will bring on cravings for salty and sweet snacks. So in your mind, you may have an intention of having two glasses of Rose all day, but after that, you'll have to fight off the cravings for the chips, chocolate, and candy that may follow.

Let's all bring our hands together, live forever and be happy!

Comment below if you have comments or questions about getting started!


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