Is 20 Carbs The Magic Number?

I remember when I was introduced to the low carb lifestyle 8 years ago, I didn't believe something like that would make me lose weight. I tried so many ways to lose weight before that such as the cabbage diet, drinking water, trying to eat 0% fat but to no avail, none of them worked. Low carb sounded so easy and too good to be true! My friend was telling me how she was eating steak, and chicken with the skin on, and eggs with fatty sausage and that the pounds were just falling off. It was like magic as I saw the weight on her disappear and all she had to do was eat like pig.   She was losing weight and I wanted that too.  Back then I didn't have a fit bit, keto sticks, or any apps to help me along and I just got into the habit and the weight started falling off every week. Dr. Atkins started the whole low carb craze and yes many thought he was crazy. When he told people that you can lose weight eating high fat, high-calorie foods on a daily basis people did think he was crazy.  But when you look past all that and the science behind it you will find that it works. What happens is that you force your body to go into a state of ketosis and your body begins to use fat for fuel instead of sugar. 

So how do you do it to make a long story short?

  1. For the first 14 days, you're only supposed to eat a few select items such as eggs, tuna, chicken, beef, and other fish, along with lettuce and other low carb vegetables (mushrooms, asparagus, leafy greens). Renee's dressing on your salads which taste beyond fantastic. By the end of the 14 days, your cravings will have disappeared. You're not supposed to eat more than 20 carbs per day and you will lose up to 10 lbs in your first 2 weeks.
  2. Then you're supposed to increase your carbs by 5 carbs every 2 weeks until you hit a stall. When you hit a stall, lower it by 5 carbs to continue gradual weight loss. Everyone has their own threshold. You do it like this to discover what yours is. Call it trial and error.
  3. Some people keep it at 20 carbs until they get closer to their goal and then add the 5 carbs later per week. It's really up to you and how fast you're looking to lose weight. 
  4. And for cryin' out loud get those Ketostix so you can verify if you're in a state of Ketosis or not. If they turn a shade of pink you're good, and if it's beige you're wasting your time.

So Yes, 20 carbs are the magic number according to Dr. Atkins. If you eat any higher than that in the beginning phases of the diet, then expect very slow weight loss. (i.e. like a half a pound or less per week)

Anyways, that is your pep talk for today!

Keep on slayin'



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