How to Make a Low-Carb Frothy Protein Coffee

Many of us love the taste of coffee. But coffee alone has little nutritional value. Well, now you can change that by adding a scoop of protein powder to your coffee. What I love most about this combination is the frothiness. So yum!

Apparently, even with the heat involved in making this combination, the nutritional value isn't any much less than if you were to consume a protein shake on its own.

In order to get this done without making a huge mess, make sure that you have a larger sized blender.

Here are the steps:

1. Make a cup of black coffee to make sure that you are still getting the same quantity of caffeine you're used to.

2. Put a few cubes of ice into your blender first. Then add 3/4 to 1 cup of water, by pouring it on top of the ice.

3. Add a scoop of Vanilla Protein Isolate (110 cals per scoop) on top of the water and ice in the blender. (At Walmart for $40)

4. Add two sweeteners to taste and blend it up again. Each added sweetener adds as one carb. If you want a chocolaty coffee flavor then add a teaspoon of cocoa. If you love cinnamon, then add a teaspoon of that too.

Now here is where it can get messy but if you do this carefully then you can avoid the splish splash of it all. If you got an airtight blender lid, then this won't get messy.

5. Get 2 large mixing jugs.  In one jug, pour in the cup of coffee, and then add the protein solution on top. Swirl it around a bit and then pour all the contents into the other mixing jug. Repeat this step a few times.

6. You're going to need your blender again here. Pour a quarter of the contents into the blender and press start. This is how you get it to be all frothy. Then take the blended solution and pour it into one of your other jugs. Repeat this process until you have put all the liquid in the blender and poured the entire contents into that other jug.

7. Then pour the Frothy Protein Coffee solution into a large coffee cup and reheat in the microwave to enjoy.  

Drinking that thick protein shake can get boring, especially when you gotta down the same crap every single day. But adding a scoop of that protein to your coffee regimen will not only make you love the taste of your protein even more, it will help you maintain the lean muscle mass you've already got to stay firm and looking younger.  Now I can't say no to that;) Give it a Try!



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