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7 Reasons Why You Should Rethink Sending Your Child Back To School Sept 2020

We can try to communicate with our teenage offspring as difficult as it is already. Don't let their agreement to follow the rules, be the be all end all. Remember that, most are still not capable of rationalizing thought at an adult level.

We cannot deny that the concern is there. Let us go over this now.

Starting from the most important reason:

#1. There is still no vaccine. Let's not call this a post-pandemic phase when there is still no vaccine. This means, if you get the virus, you will be admitted to the hospital with no visitors allowed. I guess it is comforting to know that you will be provided the available medical attention until your immune system fights off the virus. I say that in a very uninterested mono-tone voice by the way. Be reminded that access to a ventilator is not a guarantee. I am also certain that, You will have to sign an agreement before hospital staff admit you.

If you want to Gamble? Play online poker for $50 bucks a game. If you win you'll win $3000 WOW! Way more fun than gambling with human lives.

#2. Transmission is still an occurrence. This is a scary point isn't it? With no vaccine available to the public we have to accept that fact. What this means to us and our children is that we can still become infected. Being around more people more often will increase the risks.

#3. Many Dental Businesses have held off reopening. For the longest time we know that they sterilize their dental utensils. If sterilization procedures were fool-proof, all would be reopening. Oh sorry I forgot that breathing isn't allowed. The Coronavirus droplets can be transmitted by breathing, talking, and singing. Don't forget that they can also be transmitted by yelling out in pain about a wisdom tooth extraction! YEEEOOOOOWWWWW! Can we get an uptick on the gas and Novocain dosage please to prevent unnecessary screaming?

#4. 100% Zero contact is impossible to prevent. Toddlers can be stubborn as well as teenagers and people in general. What is a Junior Kindergardener's favourite word? Yes you guessed it! NO! We as parents have got to be kidding ourselves that our little ones will obey a teacher they just met. Don't get me started on the teenage attitude. Passive defiance is the goal of most teenagers. If you got one that actually listens and tells the truth most of the time, you are truly blessed!

#5. Winter is coming. Our scientists are worried about this. This reminds me of that show we all know called Game of Thrones. The people feared the ghostly zombies that were coming to annihilate every human species in the North. The difference between the Coronavirus and the ghostly zombies is that you CAN hide from it. If you stay out of sight, you're good. The zombies will hear you breathing and smell you so you're screwed either way. With winter is coming, people will stay indoors more often. As a result, transmission will not only be an occurrence but highly inevitable! YIKES! We waited so long for summer to come. Let us all pray that winter stays away until 2021. I'll trade a snowy Christmas Eve night for the annihilation of the coronavirus any day.

#6. School Staff will be the only ones provided with masks and not the students. In some schools, masks will not be mandated from Kinder-garden to Grade 3. What do you think about this?

If you have considered the information in points 1-6 already, then this is a good thing. You are cautious and that is important in this time of year considering what's going on around us.

#7. Did you hear the recent information about the N95 mask protecting the wearer only. The reason is because the air they release unfiltered air. Filtered air is inhaled and unfiltered air is exhaled in an N95 mask. Ideally it would be great if all students would wear an N95 mask to reduce transmission of the virus. That will never happen. Period. So this means that students will wear masks with variant levels of protection. Fabric Masks are good without close contact. Bandanas are not so good. What is the school protocol if a student becomes infected? Hide?!

Overthinking can't be too bad under this circumstance can it?
We have raised the questions that we as parents are afraid to ask. Here we are in the post-pandemic phase trying to keep it positive but let us not be over-zealous. In our busy lives we also forget to come back to these questions. Where do we find the healthy balance between protecting and smothering our children from danger? We were teenagers before too weren't we? Back then we didn't have to worry about any viruses aside from AIDS. As long as you were saving yourself for marriage you were in the safe zone. We did have to be on the look out for those large white vans lurking to swipe one of us when no one was looking. These days we have to worry about that still depending on location! Now we are in a new era where we are faced with new kinds of decisions.

Whether you decide to send your kids back to school, or not let me leave you with this thought.

As long as a vaccine is not being administered to confirmed cases and transmission is still an occurrence, how safe are we all?

In the meanwhile allow us to exhale all our stress in a [fabric mask] shall we?

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