Happy Customer in Good Vibes T Shirt

Happy Customer in Good Vibes T Shirt

I had a lot of fun coming up with this design to stand up for the shop bullying movement. I hope this movement never dies because bulling is a concern in schools. I was a victim of bullying, primarily in grade 9. I was bullied by a girl who was jealous because I was besties with a girl that she wanted to be closer too. In a polite manner of speaking, she wasn't soft on the eyes. In fact she was calling me ugly. She was a jamaican girl and I'm half jamaican by my background. I remember she would say "look at her look at her...look how ugly she is." I'll say that was my first introduction to gaslighting back then. I was almost very certain that she had been the ugliest girl I've seen in the entire school, but when she said those words, they made me stop and think. Just maybe....maybe I actually am. I didn't learn what it means to love youself until much later in life. If I had a chance to be an angel on my shoulder back in grade 9 I would have a few things to say:

1. Don't let anyone ever dim your light, you'll discover in time how awesome you really are

2. Having a boyfriend is not the validation you need to know that you're pretty. 

3. Keep an open mind, embrace the arts where you can use your mind, your hands as well as your voice.

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