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Let's empower each other in the good and challenging times.

 Become inspired - We are improving our business model to serve individuals as well as other businesses. We specialize in services related to Graphic Design, Visual Art, Photography, Mind health and artsy custom masks and clothing.  We're keeping all the fun content that includes music. You'll have access to products that put a smile on your face and inspire you.  Stay tuned for new content.  

Get the music - We all have those particular songs on our playlists that we never get sick of right?  We have some cool videos in our music section on videos that were popular in the past. We are focusing on improving our business model to give you more and inspire you.  

Own the gear - Dee is the Creative Director at DA-12. She is artistic and creative and we will soon showcase a selection of clothing, masks, tees, sport gear and Art! Were excited so stay tuned! 

Top Zumba Songs Summer/Fall 2020